Turning a page…

It’s been SO long since I’ve made a website post! So much is changed and changing!

Website Updates + Art Title Updates

I truly appreciate your patience as I make numerous changes to my title and website! I have a new Studio on Pender Island, called Drawing Wolf Studio. I will be altering my site a bit, to make it more concise, encompassing of my studio (tattoo) work and my other practices! Name changes, and changes in general, take time to execute and catch on, so thank you! My emails, and URL titles all are changing slowly from “Drawin Wolf” to “Drawing Wolf (studio)”

Mailing List

I now have a MAILING LIST! Send an email to DRAWINGWOLFTATTOO@GMAIL.COM with the subject as “mailing list” and I’ll add you to the list. The mailing list will receive updates on my tattoo bookings, and other announcement related to my practice.

Appointment Bookings

I am currently not going over tattoo proposals. I am developing a new proposal form for tentative clients. I am trying to make my booking process more streamline, so I can spend less time on emails, and more time on tattoo sketches, ad tattooing!

Thanks so much!