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In Fall, we gather and we prepare for the cold months;

And, when we can, we create.

Here is what I am up during my favourite season of all


Fall Issue of Izzine

coverfallissueI have completed and will soon be printing the fall issue of Izzine! This season features an interview with artist Noel’le Longhaul of Providence, Rhode Island, aswell as the work of local Toronto Artist, Monica Creep. This issue also shares recipes for spicy potatoes, calming herbal teas and some of the poetry and art from Sienna Ingham, of Toronto. (PDF version coming soon!)

My goal, with this zine, is to spread word of local-and-beyond artists who I believe have much to contribute to radical communities through what they create and share with us. Email me if you are interested in purchasing a copy!

Dreampipe Collective’s First Art Show 

Monica and Izzy of Dreampipe Collective are having their first art show together this October!

Come enjoy an evening of art, food, live music and more in the back of the Herbal Clinic & Dispensary  in Roncesvalles Village!

Art, zines, prints, shirts, patches and a further plethora of curiosities will all be for sale. Otherwise, the event is totally free. Of course, we expect attendees to treat one another and the space with respect.  Come enjoy art and music with your community.


Dreampipe Collective table for LoveHoldLetGo

Dreampipe Collective will have a table of prints, patches, zines, bathbombs, teas and more knick knacks available for purchase at LoveHoldLetGo’s  Toronto stop on their Canada Tour. “LoveHoldLetGo is a touring DIY theater collective that intermingles spoken word poetry, folk music, and animation to create multimedia shadow puppet plays that bring bring communities closer to each other,and to the Earth.” (Facebook Description)