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I Hear Footsteps



Today I released my latest Drawin Wolf album, I Hear Footsteps!

In the houses you grew up in, hums the echo of footsteps you once knew quite well.

I Hear Footsteps is an audible book of words: a mindmap thats ties my thoughts of these past few months together. Thoughts of the growth and loss of friendships, relationships, the roots that remain; thoughts of dysphoria, transformed spaces from my childhood: the valleys, the campgrounds, the bedrooms; Bridges, maps, tools for safe passage through this lifetime this lifetime. This album is me reaching for a sense of immersion I believe existed in me when I was younger, and that I must now actively seek out.

These songs have all been written by me within the past few months. I began recording in Devon’s trailer (thanks devon!) at Ally’s cabin (thanks ally!) 2 weeks after my arrival in Dawson City, YT. The rest, I recorded in my room once we found a home for the winter.

I send my love and well-wishing to those who encouraged have been encouraging me to write my writing as a child, thank you for telling me my stories were worth anything. 

Thanks Joe for being around and for helping me record.Thank you Monica for being such an inspiring companion. When I am with you, no dream is unattainable. i love you lots. (also, you’re amazing for all the driving you did for us this summer–thanks for helping me get to where I need to be)



Write About the Childhood Coat available now!


Drawin Wolf’s first release (a ten-track album) is now available for download on the Drawin Wolf bandcamp! Download the album and Lyric Zine PDF for free/PWYC, and/or order handmade cd’s patches and zines!


Drawin Wolf now on Facebook!


You can now ‘like’ Drawin Wolf on Facebook for updates and such !

Drawin Wolf release Write About About the Childhood Coat

drawin wolf zine cover

Hello, friends! Today we finished up the recordings for Drawin Wolf’s first album, Write About the Childhood Coat, to be released within the next couple weeks! I will be releasing a zine of lyrics and drawings when I make the album available for download on my bandcamp!  You will be able to purchase it online for $10, and for $7 in person! I am very excited deeply appreciative of everyone who’s helped make this project possible, and enjoyable!