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Drawin Wolf release Write About About the Childhood Coat

drawin wolf zine cover

Hello, friends! Today we finished up the recordings for Drawin Wolf’s first album, Write About the Childhood Coat, to be released within the next couple weeks! I will be releasing a zine of lyrics and drawings when I make the album available for download on my bandcamp!  You will be able to purchase it online for $10, and for $7 in person! I am very excited deeply appreciative of everyone who’s helped make this project possible, and enjoyable!

Dreary Weather

Drawin Wolf Productions presents their first Short Film titled “Dreary Weather”

Dreary Weather is a Thematic (and somewhat experimental) Creation that uses various symbols to convey and discuss impacts of weather on our minds as humans of the earth. Moths, children of the night, are drawn to and guided by the moon’s light, the mother of cycles. The cyclical nature of seasons affects our emotions and mindsets as it does the air we breathe, the ground we walk on, the trees we lie under. As fall quickly nears its end, I witness my friend’s falling under the gloomy spell of winter, as a moth falls under the deathly spell of the light it so desires.

Song: November by Willie Stratton (Willie

Animated & Filmed by Izzy Burgwin

1 copy





Dreampipe Demo Release


Monica and I got together with Preston this weekend and recorded a demo on a cassette recorder to tide things over until we finally get around to “properly” recording a full-length! So here y’are! Some low-fi silly goodness!

Ps. I’ll be recording Drawin Wolf stuff next weekend in London, so stay tuned!


Dreampipe Collective Etsy

Dreampipe Collective made an Etsy shop the other day, where you can purchase our latest patches, zines and herbal remedies.

White-Blindness Rabbit SM patchc i c a d a patch

Planet Girl PatchRaccoon Skull PatchRoots

Dreampipe Collective bathbombs

Dreampipe Collective in October




We’ve been busy in the Dreampipe so far this season, and we’re really excited about where we’ve gone and where we’re going with our work. On October 20th, we had an art show and open mic at the Herbal Clinic & Dispensary. It was cozy and intimate and all other kinds of wonderful. Days later, on the 25th, we brought our suitcase and instruments to a bridge in the east end and we played and enjoyed a chilly evening (with occasional warmth provided by Caela’s homemade veggie stew, a bonfire and multiple layers) under the bridge with friends. Click here for more photos!



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Coming up:

Dreampipe Collective will be tabling and playing a set at LoveHoldLetGo’s Toronto Show on Nov 6th

I will be presenting my art at Etobicoke School of the Art’s Portfolio Day and Portfolio Day After-Party/Art Sale.