Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up an appointment with you? 

Visit the “book an appointment” page.

How can I reach you about a tattoo inquiry?

Please send tattoo inquiries to DRAWINGWOLFTATTOO@GMAIL.COM

Could I commission a tattoo drawing for another tattoo artist to tattoo, if I cannot travel to Pender island for a tattoo by you?

Not at this time. Sorry :)

When will I receive a response to my application?

I do my best to respond to tattoo applications within 72 hours, when my books are open.

Where do you tattoo? 

I am based out of Drawing Wolf Studio, located at the Driftwood Center (4605 Bedwell Harbour Road), on Pender Island. Pender Island is one of the Southern Gulf Islands off the West Coast of BC. Pender Island is accessible from Vancouver and Victoria via Ferry. Ferry schedules can be found at BCFERRIES.COM.

ACCESSIBILITY INFO: Once on Pender Island, Friday is, so far, the only day of my work week that the bus runs on Pender. Without a vehicle Pender can be a bit tricky to get around. There are car stops that can be used for hitch hiking if you are without wheels and comfortable with that. The Space itself (Drawing Wolf Studio at 4605 Bedwell Harbour Rd.) is not wheelchair accessible as it is upstairs in a building at the driftwood.

Please Note: Ferry service to Pender Island can be limited, depending on the time of year and day of the week, please look into the schedule when planning your tattoo visit, and if you need any assistance in figuring out the departure and arrival times between Pender Island (Otter Bay) and Vancouver and Victoria, let me know, I am happy to help you figure out your trip.

What are your work hours?

I typically tattoo Wednesday through Friday 11 AM-4 PM. The Studio itself will be officially reopening in June, with additional hours. Keep up-to-date on my availability through my newsletter, which you sign up for by emailing with “mailing list” as the subject.

How much do you charge for your tattoos? How do you accept payment?

I charge 100$ an hour (1hr minimum), with a $50 deposit when we book the appointment, the deposit acts as a drawing and booking fee. My minimum rate for an appointment is $100 excluding the deposit.

Should you have to cancel/reschedule your appointment within less than 3 weeks notice, your $50 deposit will be forfeited.

I accept payment by cash, Paypal, and Interac E-Transfer. I do not take debit or credit at this time.

Do you do travel to do guest spots? Will you ever be in my city?

I currently am rooted on Pender Island, any plans to travel or guest spot will be announced as they unfurl.

How does your tattooing process differ from that of most tattooists? What does “freehand tattoo” mean?

I aim to work with each client as holistically and honestly as possible. We will consult in person, to develop a design that speaks to your tattoo ideas and my creative style. I don’t use stencil paper, the sketches from our consultation serve as the perfect guide for your freehand tattoo.

When a client books with me, I ask for a tentative date and a brief design description. Once a date is set and the 50$ deposit is paid, I will prepare concept sketches of your design, which I can send you, or hold onto until our appointment.

When you arrive for your appointment, we will have a chance to go over my design sketches face-to-face. This part of the process can differ greatly per client: My initial sketches may be enough for you to feel confident to get started within moments of consulting. Sometimes, the design idea evolves, or changes completely, depending on where we take the concept throughout sketches and consultation.

Once we are both satisfied, a final reference sketch will be drawn up on paper, and I will begin to sketch the design onto the skin. Rather than use transfer paper to determine placement, size, etc. I use surgical markers to guide me as I tattoo. This method lends itself wholeheartedly to my style. Once drawn on, we can get to tattooing.

How detailed does my tattoo idea/description need to be when I book an appointment?

I am happy to work with as much or as little information you choose to give me. Some designs are based off of an entire story, scene, or landscape, while others are merely spurred by a word or thought, quote, animal, season, etc. Any final details will be determined in person, when you visit for you appointment :) I don’t charge for consultation time. Sometimes the most fun part of the whole appointment is developing the design, where myself and the client can collaborate and uncover your idea’s inner workings.