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June availability, coming soon!

Hey lovelies!

Just a quick update for you all! I will be opening my calendar for June on Sunday, the first of April! I still have lots of availability in early may and even some late April openings. Take a look! I will be rooted on Pender for the coming months until I travel to the Yukon in August to tattoo at Frostbite Ink in Dawson City.

New flash coming soon, stay tuned! Doilies, spring fae and new growth, oh my!

I am prepping for an art show at SlowCoast Coffee on Pender Island in July!



The Winter Newsletter

Hey cozy cats!

I hope that wherever you may be the weather is treating you well, more or less… I know that things are all over the place weather-wise and that there are some extremely cold spells in places that aren’t used to it–So I hope you all are keeping safe and warm! I have an exciting announcement for folks on the mainland…

Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 11.09.53 PM

Vancouver Guest Spot!
I will be tattooing in Vancouver at Sticks & Stones Tattoo Collective between February 19th-27th, with limited availability. You can go to my website and book an appointment as of today! Please be sure to select a VANCOUVER appointment type when booking through my site: I will be posting new available flash art to my instagram over the coming weeks. I look forward to working with my Vancouver clients in February!
Visiting Artist Kat Gomboc
Kat is an amazing toronto-based tattoo artist who will be out West in February and March. They will be guesting at Drawing Wolf
Studio for a short time: February 27th-March 1st. You can view their work at
I have made some updates to my FAQ page may want to review if you are interested in booking
Take care!


Drawing Wolf Studio
for up-to-date information on my process, go to

Turning a page…

It’s been SO long since I’ve made a website post! So much is changed and changing!

Website Updates + Art Title Updates

I truly appreciate your patience as I make numerous changes to my title and website! I have a new Studio on Pender Island, called Drawing Wolf Studio. I will be altering my site a bit, to make it more concise, encompassing of my studio (tattoo) work and my other practices! Name changes, and changes in general, take time to execute and catch on, so thank you! My emails, and URL titles all are changing slowly from “Drawin Wolf” to “Drawing Wolf (studio)”

Mailing List

I now have a MAILING LIST! Send an email to DRAWINGWOLFTATTOO@GMAIL.COM with the subject as “mailing list” and I’ll add you to the list. The mailing list will receive updates on my tattoo bookings, and other announcement related to my practice.

Appointment Bookings

I am currently not going over tattoo proposals. I am developing a new proposal form for tentative clients. I am trying to make my booking process more streamline, so I can spend less time on emails, and more time on tattoo sketches, ad tattooing!

Thanks so much!


I Hear Footsteps



Today I released my latest Drawin Wolf album, I Hear Footsteps!

In the houses you grew up in, hums the echo of footsteps you once knew quite well.

I Hear Footsteps is an audible book of words: a mindmap thats ties my thoughts of these past few months together. Thoughts of the growth and loss of friendships, relationships, the roots that remain; thoughts of dysphoria, transformed spaces from my childhood: the valleys, the campgrounds, the bedrooms; Bridges, maps, tools for safe passage through this lifetime this lifetime. This album is me reaching for a sense of immersion I believe existed in me when I was younger, and that I must now actively seek out.

These songs have all been written by me within the past few months. I began recording in Devon’s trailer (thanks devon!) at Ally’s cabin (thanks ally!) 2 weeks after my arrival in Dawson City, YT. The rest, I recorded in my room once we found a home for the winter.

I send my love and well-wishing to those who encouraged have been encouraging me to write my writing as a child, thank you for telling me my stories were worth anything. 

Thanks Joe for being around and for helping me record.Thank you Monica for being such an inspiring companion. When I am with you, no dream is unattainable. i love you lots. (also, you’re amazing for all the driving you did for us this summer–thanks for helping me get to where I need to be)



A Home for the Winter

After a couple months of touring with friends, I have managed to settle down for the season in the lovely Dawson City! After a long, adventurous summer, I await the grip of winter, ready to learn at SOVA, and ready to hunker down and focus on creating and becoming a part of the Dawson community.






landscape dawson







Flying Through Spring


My, oh my, how the months fly by! They only are going to get more exciting from here onwards. Summer adventures await, but first, here are some lovely spring time events to watch out for…

10295078_870619066297429_142812137717279270_o (1)

Saturday, May 24th: Banjo Creatures: An Acoustic Evening ~ Fish Food//Drawin Wolf//Tale-Teller Heart//Stick and Poke



Friday, May 30th: THCH SPRING ART FARM: A DIY Arts ‘n’ Crafts Sale/Trade Event

Spring is here, and it is the time to share and celebrate the many works of the artists in our community

Come peruse tables filled with creations of all kinds, from zines, prints and patches to teas, baked goods, textiles, etc! DIY crafting has no limits! (Bookworms, Please Note: Izzy will also be selling a bunch of her used books at a table!)

We hope to line the Thigh High Clubhouse backyard / back ally with tables ( also if you have tables we can borrow please let us know!!!!!)

If you are interested in tabling please get in touch with Jess or Izzy with a brief description of your work // what name you would like to be listed under!


New Email Address:

I no longer have access to my old email address:

I can now be reached at

Hoping you are well,


Drawin Wolf now on Facebook!


You can now ‘like’ Drawin Wolf on Facebook for updates and such !

Frost is beginning to settle


It grows colder everyday, and all the more dark.

Izzy Burgwin Zines are now available for Purchase through the Dreampipe Collective Etsy

The Creature’s Children Short Fable


Izzine ~ The Fall Izzue

Featuring MonicaCreep & Noel’le Longhaul ~

Drawin Wolf (Izzy) now has bandcamp ~Stay tuned!~