I am multidisciplinary artist currently rooted on Pender Island, a small island off the west coast of Canada, on unceded Coast Salish Territory.

My days are spent between my cabin and my Art & Tattoo shop “Drawing Wolf Studio”, toiling away on various detailed, fantastical creations. I bring my visions to life by drawing, painting, crocheting, any way to keep these crafty paws busy. Though my creative practice takes many forms, I currently focus on illustration and custom tattooing.

I primarily draw with black ink and a fine point calligraphy pen. A sketchbook is always at arm’s reach, even my final pieces bear a sketchbook-like quality because I embrace each gritty detail of my practice. I distort perspective and create visuals that can be interpreted differently by each viewer. The landscapes and creatures I create hang in the balance between the other-worldly and the mundane: they are eerie, yet comforting. I am drawn to humble materials such as wood boards and other recycled materials for their lack of pretense; They allow my creations to breathe magic into something that appears otherwise plain. I put thought into highlighting imperfections that can be seen vaguely through glamour, should you choose to look closely.

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Izzy can be reached via email.

Tattoos: Drawingwolftattoo@gmail.com

Other art inquiries: Izzyburgwinart@gmail.com

Curriculum Vitae

Select Exhibitions

Sept-Oct 2018 Yukon SOVA Alumni Exhibition, Whitehorse, YT

Jul-Sept 2018 Artwork by Izzy Burgwin at SlowCoast Coffee, Pender Island, BC

Mar 2017 Collaborative Exhibition with Little Leetia & Water.and.Wood, The Northern Quarter, Victoria, BC.

Nov-Jan 2016/17 A fall Collection of Artwork by Izzy Burgwin, SlowCoast Coffee, Pender Island, BC.

Sept 2016 Grand Opening Exhibition, Amy & Izzy’s Tattoo & Art Studio, Pender Island, BC

2016 Artwork by Izzy Burgwin at SlowCoast Cafe, Slow Coast Coffee, Pender Island, BC.

2016 The Flitting Mind: Works by Izzy Burgwin, Camas Books, Victoria, BC.

2015: Forest Fire Series, Aurora Inn, Dawson City, YT.

2015 Disconnections SOVA Collaborative Student Exhibit, Yukon Arts Centre, Whitehorse, YT.

2014 Yukon SOVA Open House, Dawson City, YT.

2013 Saatchi Saatchi Gallery/Deutsche Bank Art Prize London, UK.

2013 Albright Knox Future Curators Exhibition Buffalo, USA.

2013 Dreampipe Collective Art Show, The Herbal Clinic & Dispensary, Toronto, ON

2013 ESA Portfolio Day Toronto, ON

2014 ESA End of Year Art Show Toronto, ON

2014 ESA Craft Sale & Show Toronto, ON


Community Involvement

April 2017 Guest Spot at Sticks & Stones Collective, Tattooer, Vancouver, BC.

2016-17 Pender Island Winter & Summer Markets, Art Vendor, Pender Island, BC.

2015 Pender Island Elementary School Silent Art Auction, Talisman Books, Pender Island, BC.

2015 (S)hiver Conservation Klondike Society Event Coordinator, Featured Artist & Vendor, Dawson City, YT

2014 Volunteer at Youth Arts Enrichment Program, KIAC, Dawson City, YT

2014 SOVA Canada/USA Entrance Scholarship Dawson City, YT

2013-2014 Events Coordinator & Promotional Designer at THCH Toronto, ON

2014 THCH Art Farm: Crafts Sale (Curator) Toronto, ON

2014 Art Store Attendant Position at Yukon SOVA Dawson City, YT

2014 Vending station at Odd Finds Store Toronto, ON

2014 Table at KIAC Craft Fair Dawson City, YT


Select Commissions

2016 The Suburbanists Album Art, Chicago, IL.

2016 The Victoria Anarchist Bookfair Poster Design, Victoria, BC.

2016 Savannah Valentino Tshirt, Poster & Patch Design, Richmond, VA.

2015 Rail Yard Ghosts Tshirt Design, Texas, USA.

2015 Animated Promotional GIFs for the District Perrier Campaign, Perrier, Mirrorball Agency

2014 Indoor Mural, Conservation Klondike Society, Dawson City, YT

2014 Outdoor Mural, Conservation Klondike Society, Dawson City, YT

2012-2013 Poster Design for Stuck in the City Toronto, ON.

2014 Days N Daze & Rail Yard Ghosts Album Art Commission. Texas, USA

2014 Moon Bandits Merchandise Art (T-shirts, Posters, etc.) California, USA

2014 Les Ours Album Art California, USA



2015 Create Your Own Adventure To-Do List in Oversleeping Published by Centipedes Distro, Vancouver, BC

2014 Where Are you Comic Zine Self Published Dawson City YT

2013 Izzine The Fall Issue Self-Published, Toronto ON

2013 The Creatures’ Children Self-Published Toronto, ON

2014 Mother Ludlam Self-Published Toronto, ON

2014 Write About the Childhood Coat Album Release Self-Published Toronto, ON

2014 I Hear Footsteps Album Release Self Published Dawson City, YT

2014 Where Are You Comic Entries Dawson City, YT